A grand kite flying festival will be organized at Wahat Al Zaweya development on Dubai-Al Ain Road. The event is being organized by Al Ghurair Exchange in collaboration with various Asian community groups in the UAE. “The two-day festival will feature kite flying competitions, food stall, music and activities for families and youngsters,” said General Manager of Al Ghurair Exchange. He told a press conference in Dubai that the main aim of holding the ‘kite flying’ festival was to provide an opportunity to India and Pakistani expatriates to celebrate their traditional ‘Basant’ (kite flying) festival, which is big event back home. The annual ‘Basant’ festival is quite popular in India and Pakistan and is held to welcome the spring season by flying kites and cooking traditional food.

“We are holding this event for the second consecutive year after massive response to the first festival last year,” he noted. The event organizer expected that more than 7,000 people would participate in the festival, which was attended by around 5,000 people last year. The head of  Wahat Al Zaweya said that his company was pleased to provide space for the community festival because it would help bring them together to celebrate the festive season.

Business Development Manager at Al Ghurair Exchange, said that the organizers would also provide people with hundreds of free kites in addition to gifts to participants. However, he asked participants to bring their own kites as well.

“There will be live singing and DJ playing music while drum beaters will also entertain the people,” he said, adding that there would be separate areas for bachelors and families. Though there will be plenty of food stalls, people will still be allowed to do a barbecue in the designated areas. The festivities will start at 8 am to 7 pm three days continuously. Some leading Indian and Pakistani community members will also be invited to the event.

Head of sales at National Food Products Company, said that his company was pleased to be part of this unique festival, which is open to all the communities all over the emirates. “It is a good opportunity for the Pakistani and Indian expatriates in the UAE to celebrate the event and have fun.”

The Dubai International Kite Fest is drawing huge crowds of children and grownups to Jumeirah Beach, ensuring that DSF visitors get to participate in an exciting and action-packed plan of activities until the end of the festival.

The event has drawn participants from various countries including the UAE, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Kuwait, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, amongst others, and on the opening day they welcomed guests as they entered the venue, carrying flags of their respective countries.

The first large-scale event of its kind, Dubai International Kite Fest is bringing out the outdoor spirit of Dubai in full swing. Kites, both big and small and of various colors, designs and patterns, were seen brightening up the view of Dubai’s clear evening sky into a telescope of magnificence – offering families a visual treat like no other on the first day of the event. At night international companies and kite experts were seen flying illuminated kites and even remote-controlled models, much to the delight of families gathered on the beach to watch the spectacle.